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In one mortal frame lived a plethora of women both simultaneously and in cacophonies. In what I have come to call a pathetic attempt to extract each voice at my beckon call, I sat with Chavo. CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE….


Growing up, nobody ever told me this, but I just knew it was society’s influence because there was so much sameness that couldn’t stem from an individual but something much bigger. I hated everything that made me feel different. I hated my hairy arms, not because anyone pointed and laughed, but because no one else had them. I hated my lips because nobody else had them. Click photo to read more…

Girls Room

Steph and Mimi are truly inspiring women, living and creating their dreams. Through their community organization Girl’s Room and their clothing brand LDYBY, they are exhibiting the ways they are just two paradigms of female solidarity who showcase their passion and sincerity behind their commitment to bringing “awareness to female creatives, encouraging collaborations, and giving bad ass girl bosses the platform they deserve!” We had the pleasure of interviewing these two fine young LDYBYs where we were able to discuss body image, individual journey, the importance of women supporting one another in their endeavors, and much more! click to read more


From the time I was born until the age of 11, I lived in Jersey City. Someone, though I can’t remember who, taught me to memorize my address: 339 Communipaw Avenue. If you asked my six year old self her address, she would recite it promptly and semantically satiated the way she would her name or her age. Jersey City was…


There is a quote I’ve always loved by R.H. Sin, it says, “Give a woman pain and she ‘ll turn it into power. Give that woman chaos and she ‘ll create peace.” …Click photo to read more.


I spent two weeks without laughing.

My lower right side had radiated so much pain over a 3-5 month span, that in my final weeks before being rushed to the hospital, I could not laugh, walk, or eat with ease.

I spent seven hours in the ER… Click photo to read more.


I dig deep into people. I question everything. I did a show a few days ago and they asked me to speak. I didn’t know what to say. I said, “My name is Toushai (touché), it means to touch. Through my art I allow you to feel me. Feel me?”… Click photo to read more.


I’ve changed. There was a time when I thought beauty was physical, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to know that there is a difference between being beautiful and being attractive. Beauty isn’t physical to me. I’m still in the process of trying to find the things I love about myself, but what I find most beautiful about myself is the passion I have toward my cooking…Click photo to read more.


I am a quiet storm. For some people rain, thunder, and lighting are frightening. For others, it’s therapeutic and soothing. I’d like to think that’s me. My beautype is not for everyone, I’m a “not for everyone” type of woman…Click photo to read more.