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Dear Female Fighters of Kurdistan

Dear Female Fighters of Kurdistan,

Anything they can do, you can do bleeding.

A woman’s war is a lot like their love, it stretches her, revealing unbeknownst strength until she gives birth to freedom. CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE….

Dear Michelle Obama,

Woman, mother, wife, lawyer, writer, social activist, style icon, and first African American lady of the United States of America, it is my honor to have served this great nation with you, to have been implemented in everything you’ve accomplished. It is with great esteem that you have taken on the task of not solely becoming the wife of the president, but a figure of great influence for the American people and so many others. You are not a footnote in American history, you are a growing chapter in flux… click photo to read more.

Dear Malala,

Dear Malala Yousafzai ,

Girls are dying to go to school.

Their thoughts are lines of unwritten poetry. They are reading their books in exile, cloaked in a heavy dark shroud, the words on their pages dimly lit by a radiant hope. They are hardened under the brooding gaze of a gun’s eyes… Click photo to read more.

Dear Celia Cruz,

Dear Celia Cruz,

You, beautiful, were born to the name Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz Alfonso on October 21, 1925 in Havana, Cuba… Click photo to read more.

Dear Frida,

Dear Frida,
It is your friend beauty. Allow me to recall a time you were 18 and vibrant in Mexico City, a polio survivor, you boarded a bus which then caused you to suffer from an accident that day that I know you will never forget… Click photo for more.