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His Dream, A Dream Deferred?

Are we living in Martin Luther King Jr.’s America? The one he so vividly had a dream of for his children and future generations. A dream painted with bright strokes of equality, images of open eyes on leveled planes, lips dripping sweet validation and truth like honey, and a beautiful song playing as prominent a…

Time for Truth #TimesUp

The Golden Globe attendees gave a new meaning to the phrase statement piece. Like many industries, not everything in Hollywood is beautiful and glamorous. Every black gown and suit worn last night did more than accentuate features and prompt questions about designers. Members of Hollywood chose to change the conversation… Click here to read full blog post.


In one mortal frame lived a plethora of women both simultaneously and in cacophonies. In what I have come to call a pathetic attempt to extract each voice at my beckon call, I sat with Chavo. CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE….

Girls Room

Steph and Mimi are truly inspiring women, living and creating their dreams. Through their community organization Girl’s Room and their clothing brand LDYBY, they are exhibiting the ways they are just two paradigms of female solidarity who showcase their passion and sincerity behind their commitment to bringing “awareness to female creatives, encouraging collaborations, and giving bad ass girl bosses the platform they deserve!” We had the pleasure of interviewing these two fine young LDYBYs where we were able to discuss body image, individual journey, the importance of women supporting one another in their endeavors, and much more! click to read more

Dear Malala,

Dear Malala Yousafzai ,

Girls are dying to go to school.

Their thoughts are lines of unwritten poetry. They are reading their books in exile, cloaked in a heavy dark shroud, the words on their pages dimly lit by a radiant hope. They are hardened under the brooding gaze of a gun’s eyes… Click photo to read more.

Dear Celia Cruz,

Dear Celia Cruz,

You, beautiful, were born to the name Úrsula Hilaria Celia de la Caridad Cruz Alfonso on October 21, 1925 in Havana, Cuba… Click photo to read more.