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Lets talk about sex

For one of the most progressive countries on earth, we sure are afraid of a topic that is the root of our existence. It’s in the discomfort felt when watching a provocative scene in a movie, the disgust some feel in the vicinity of PDA (public displays of affection), and the shame people experience when buying condoms. It is also in the negligence of households and the education system to obtain and share information about sexual well-being. CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE……

Women in STEM

What is STEM, you ask? Not to be confused with the long stalk of the commonly desired rose, STEM stands for Sisters in Technology, Engineering and Math— Okay! Not quite, but doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? We aren’t too far off though! STEM actually represents Science, Technology, Engineering and Math— the fields…

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Survivor Stories “Yaya”

I was watching TV the other day. I think it was Angelina Jolie. People like her have this and that. They’re rich and famous, so their disease matters. CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE….

Hugh Hefner’s Feminist Legacy

There are two sides to every coin. Hugh Hefner was no exception to the rule. There are many women and men alike that read Playboy, and a feminist relic is the last thing they would call it. CLICK PHOTO FOR MORE…..

Dear Female Fighters of Kurdistan

Dear Female Fighters of Kurdistan,

Anything they can do, you can do bleeding.

A woman’s war is a lot like their love, it stretches her, revealing unbeknownst strength until she gives birth to freedom. CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE….


I’ve always had the ugly duckling story. I never quite thought I was pretty or beautiful. But I was raised to value myself, my intellect, being a caring person came first. Having a lot of friends always made me feel beautiful enough. CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE…

How do you know who you are?

Is it the food you eat? The languages you speak? The clothes you wear? Where you were born? The years you’ve lived in a country? The god you worship (if you worship)? CLICK PHOTO TO READ MORE……