About Us

“What is beauty?”

We are consumed by and obsessed with the idea of youth and perfection as standards and staples in the world of beauty. We have been made to feel like we have little to no choice in the matter, that we should hate our bodies, be ashamed of our melanin, dread aging, crave for likes on a selfie over integrity and respect, and spend our lives in constant pursuit of something that will quench the desire to fit in.

To whom are we trying to be enough for other than ourselves? Everyone figures that beauty has a type; and in order to fit in we must all fall into the category of that type, but we can’t all fit into one mold. So we created Beautype.org as a beauty, lifestyle, and wellness blog. It demonstrates the features of many women of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes and their journies through self-care and acceptance to exude that there is no specific beauty type, only your type of beauty.

Thank you and welcome home!
Beautype Team

1 Comment

  1. Joanna

    This is amazing. Im so proud of you, and so happy to see you pursuing your happiness.


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