Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,

I interrupt this presidential interregnum to remind you that you are the same person you were yesterday, except today you have another chance to be who you are with more pride. This is a reminder that I, beauty, am just as much the hijab as I am a bald head and long locks. I am your choice. I am consent. I am every complexion. I am straight. I am gay. I am omnipresent.

It is Wednesday, November 9, 2016. You have woken up into a country where Donald J. Trump is president-elect of the United States of America. The belligerent man on television, the headline, has now become the leader of the free world. You feel a shift. Things are different, and it seems as though you should be too somehow. You will first, look in the mirror and still see me staring back as I always have. You will remind your friends, your siblings, and children that they still have the world at their fingertips, that they do not exist solely for objectification, exploitation and degradation, that they are active contributing members of a society that may not see their worth right now, but soon. They will also look in the mirror. They will too see me. Despite efforts to make you feel like nothing, to make you feel you don’t belong, those efforts will bounce off the armor we have built together with love around your bodies, around your hearts.

There will be reminders that will be continuously reiterated by the most powerful man in the U.S. that you are less than. To all people of color, to all races, to all women, to all men, to all religions, and to all members of the LGBTQ community. To those tired working hands and blistered feet, to single mothers and single fathers. To creators and re-creators. To unification, respect, compassion, and love. To your voice, that will be heard. To humanity. You, beautiful are more than.

When your children pledge allegiance to the flag they will hold their hands over their hearts with hope that one day that flag and the country upon which they stand will pledge allegiance to them as well. You and everyone you touch will be filled to the brim with me and love. They will spill forth a drop of that love and beauty into the world to begin to extinguish any fire of hate that pervades this country. In a world full of ANTI, anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigrant, anti-muslim, etc., you will be pro-humanity. You will unify and create a deep and mystifying ocean that can dismantle any structure built upon the foundation of the anti-. This country is every bit yours as it is theirs. You will reclaim it. You will love, but it will be revolutionary, because there will be a revolution.

Yours Truly,



  1. Juice

    Wow not gonna front before reading this I was really upset and heartbroken by the way this election went. But you made me see that in the time of struggle you don’t just fall down and give up. You get up and fight harder then ever.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shenade

    Loved this


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